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Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience OSHKOSH 2017 Forum and Radio SCHEDULE If you're attending OSH 2017 please come by and say Hi. 1 pm each day: In keeping with the tradition Burt used to have, each day at 1pm we'll be hosting a b.s. session at the RAFE David Brown LongEZ, 365DB. We'll advise where we'll be parked when we get there. This year we're hosting two Forums! ( see below) We're planning on giving most of the Friday forum to the Jetguys to talk about the new jet! We'll also be on EAA Radio Wednesday, July 26 at 8:30am. Lotsa cool stuff going on! Please pass the word and See y'all there! RyZ Forums Thursday, July 27 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM Location: Forum Stage 3 and Friday, July 28 2:3

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Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience JET A Club Jet A Club was developed to support the CozyJet repair and upgrade. It’s a sponsorship anyone can participate in. RAFE appreciates is Sponsors greatly and believes in giving back something for Sponsorship support. Every cent of the support produced from these sponsorships goes to the repair and upgrade of the world’s first successfully flying composite canard jet, the CozyJet! Join our JET A Club and help keep the Rutan Aircraft legacy alive. Donate $100 Become a Jet A Club Sponsor and receive a Kerosene Dreams Jet A club T-shirt Exclusive, one-of-a-kind T-shirt for Jet A Club Members only! Donate $500 Become a Jet A Club Sponsor: Enjoy a Flight i

Jet Guys

Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience has had tremendous progress in getting the planes flying since Jet Guys became a sponsor. The team at Jet Guys have incredible skills and knowledge about the Rutan Aircraft designed planes, and they really enjoy helping the builder get their plane flying. Robert Harris built the CozyJet. Jet Guys main business is performing engine conversions (from propeller driven to jet) on Longeze's, Berkuts, Cozy's and Velocity's. We do these upgrades on FLYABLE planes only. -ALSO- Pre-buy inspections Condition Inspections DAR and IA on staff To learn more about EZ Jets visit their website: Jet Guys #EZJets #CozyJet #RobertHarrisbuiltCozyJet #PrebuyInspections #Cond


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