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Canard Flight Academy Graduate Petra Sobotka!

The word “milestone” seems to get used a lot when we write about things going on with the Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience. We’re breaking new ground so much that the path we’re on is paved with “milestones”. Last week RAFE Canard Flight Academy graduated our first female Pilot! Petra Sobotka spent most of last week in Covington getting totally immersed in the canard environment of RAFE and the Jetguys shop. She flew with both RAFE Rick Finney and Ryszard Zadow in the Speed Canard and one of RAFE's LongEZ's.

With thousands of hours in her logbook, prior owner of a Cherokee and several type ratings she adapted to the Speed Canard quickly and has already begun transition training into one of our LongEZ’s. We really look forward to Petra flying with RAFE and hope to inspire others to come get introduced to Rutan designs at the Canard Flight Academy. Come meet Petra and the rest of RAFE’s aircraft and Pilots at OSH 2019!

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