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Plane Repairs & Maintenance

With a mission to keep the Rutan Aircraft flying we encounter opportunities to acquire donated planes that are often not in proper repair to take flight.  We have volunteers who provide mechanical and airframe work on the planes and we utilize our cash donations for the cost of the parts and supplies.

Support Donation of Planes

It is always a Great Day at RAFE when we are honored with a donation of a Rutan Aircraft.  But this is where our Financial Donors and Airplane Hosts​ play a critical role.  We need the cash flow to be able to move the plane, repair & maintain the plane, and once it is flight worthy we need the capital to support the costs to take it to the events RAFE attends.

Travel Costs to Transport Planes to Events

Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience is truly a Flying Museum of Burt Rutan designed Aircraft.  As our organization grows we will have more planes that will be flown into events like OshKosh & Reno Air Races.

Our Volunteer Pilots are glad to donate their time and talent to fly the planes to the events, but it is the commitment of RAFE to provide them with lodging, meals, and of course the fuel costs for the planes transport.

Minimal Administration Costs

When Ryszard Zadow founded Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience he made it his goal that the non-profit 501(c)3 organization would keep administrative costs as low as possible.  It is his intent to build RAFE through involvement of Volunteers, which provides for the financial contributions to be used for the repairs, maintenance and travel costs of the planes.

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