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The CozyJet - Donations Needed

The CozyJet -- Nose In The Air, Tail On Fire Greg Richter had a Cozy III with a Mazda engine. He had a dream of having his own jet. Robert & Valerie Harris had a shop in Covington, Tennessee that did Rutan Aircraft maintenance, repairs and modifications. Robert wanted to build a jet EZ. Ryszard Zadow, friend of Roberts, Former F-14 jockey and Varizeze owner, stopped in at Roberts shop every chance he could. When all three got together and talked about a Jet.. an idea became an inspiration. Robert told Greg he could hang a jet engine on his airplane and Greg said do it. The result was the world’s first, and only, composite, canard, Rutan inspired jet, and it flew in to OSH in 2005 the crowd w


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