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JET A CLUB November 2017

The last few weeks have been a flurry of activity in Covington. With the help of Jet A Club member and RAFE volunteer Bob Stevens the CozyJet is upright and on its gear again! One of the biggest upgrades is the replacement of the original gear leg with a Cozy Mk4 gear. This required a complete redesign of the gear attaching system, discarding the original extrusions built into the sidewalls of the fuselage and building the “box bullheads” for the Mk 4 gear.

Another improvement made while the CozyJet was upside down was the enlarged fuel sump. The fuel sump blister was expanded to run from the leading edge of the strake back to the firewall and then fared into the cowling. We hope to be able to carry 10 more gallons with this mod.

After the gear was installed the CozyJet was turned upright and made ready for main gear axles. On the front gear the nose fork was replaced with a Cozy Mk4 nose fork assembly which uses the 10inch tire. This required trimming the nose strut and modifying the nose gear well. Thanks to Bob Steven and Tom Wright the phenolic blocks are mounted on the gear legs and the axles ready to drill.

As we’ve mentioned before, if you’d like to get some real hands on experience working with Composite Professionals, come to Jetguys in Covington. There’s a lot going on and even if you don’t’ get much work done it’s a fun place to hang around. Bob Stevens, Tom Wright and one of the new Sponsors of the donated Kennedy David Ryan spent the better part of a week there and were instrumental in getting all this progress on the CozyJet accomplished.

Another Jet A Club Exclusive! Watch for more about what just happened at Jet Guys to be announced but you heard it here first here because you’re a Jet A Club Member! .. Jet #3 has just flown! More pics and info will be on soon but here’s an exclusive pic of jet #3 getting it’s brakes checked after a high speed taxi run!

Come by Jetguys! Where else can you relax surrounded by LongEZ’s and Jet engines!

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