• Ryszard Zadow

Speed Canard POH

To facilitate transition training we've posted the Speed Canard POH in .PDF format. Whether you're coming for transition training or just interested in the differences between the LongEZ/Varieze and the Speed Canard download the POH and read all about it.

Download the Speed Canard POH here:

The Speed Canard flies just like a LongEZ, but unlike an Experimental LongEZ it's Standard Category, the only Standard Category Speed Canard in the country and the only one available to rent for transition training!

Our RAFE Canard Flight Academy instructors have thousands of hours in Rutan designs. There's no where else you can get this kind of transition training. Check out the Speed Canard POH and scheduling information on the Canard Flight Academy page of the Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience website. www.RutanAFE.org

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