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RAFE David Brown LongEZ makes history again!

Almost two years ago the RAFE David Brown LongEZ made history by becoming the first LongEZ to ever land in Cuba. Today, David Brown's LongEZ, Piloted by RAFE President Ryszard Zadow became the first LongEZ and Rutan Canard Pilot to ever earn a formation card from Formation Flying, Inc. This is the first step in inspiring more Pilots of Rutan designs to start training in formation flying. To learn more about Formation Flying Inc, and what it takes to get involved go to Read about RAFE's formation goals in the Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience website article Why Formation Flying Is Important.

Flying with the RV's was an absolute blast and we hope more people get involved. Many thanks to FFI, inc and the highly skilled Pilot's of KC Flight formation team who took the time and patience to work with Ryszard to achieve this goal.

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