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RAFE Formation team flight at Airventure 2019

While many OSH campers slept Wednesday morning, a small group of RAFE Pilots and Volunteers were up at 4:30. As far as we know, the first ever four plane formation team of Rutan EZ’s cranked up for a morning training mission over AirVenture. It won’t be the last.

Thanks to all that got up so early to make this happen and thanks for all the positive comments from those that looked up from their coffee and saw us overhead.

That mornings flight was:

Lead: Ryszard Zadow in the RAFE David Brown LongEZ,

#2: Leif Johnson in his Varieze “Speedy”,

#3 Bob Stevens, RAFE Aircraft Owner Sponsor flying his LongEZ with VariViggen Owner Charlie Spinelli in his back seat ,

#4 Shane Banquer flying the RAFE Martin Kennedy LongEZ.

It was a training mission for what was yet to come, Saturday’s historic flight with a different mix of aircraft, stay tuned for that video, and hopefully Sport Aviation Cover shots!

Ryszard Zadow


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