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  • Ryszard Zadow

Foto Friday on EZ Street!

Our initial expectation for AirVenture 2019 was to stand by the airplanes all week and talk to people about the Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience, Rutan airplanes, and occasionally get to sit in the shade under the wing and watch the show.

There’s always the question “Where’s the nose gear?” The typical OSH week also includes being on EAA Radio and give two Forums. That all changed when EAA asked us to help gather up Rutan aircraft and fly in the airshow. That was an added bonus to the usual week of OSH that I thought would peak after Thursdays flying in the show. What could top that so after Thursday we all figured we could take a breather. In fact, from the time we arrived each day got better right up to the end.

Friday morning some EAA photographers arrived on EZ Street to take pictures of all the different types of Rutan designs parked there. They took pictures of each individual airplane and then asked if we could put them all together. We got lots of help and started pushing the airplanes into what became a diamond formation with the VariViggen in the lead.

One of the EAA Photographers got an idea and the next thing we knew a golf cart arrived and with Burt, Tanya and a couple other people on it. I can honestly say when Burt pulled up and saw all the airplanes assembled together in that diamond he had the biggest grin on his face! There bunched together was one excellent example of each of the airplanes he sold plans for and the Catbird. You don’t get to see that very often!

As you can imagine, at events like OSH lots of people are always tugging on Burt’s sleeve. Such a celebrity’s time and privacy is precious. Even though we were asked a few times if we’d contacted Burt about what RAFE was doing at OSH this year we realize he’s busy and if the opportunity came up we’d get a chance to visit. I also kind of wanted this to be a surprise. I guessed our chance to visit might be after we flew in the airshow on were back in display in Boeing Plaza, but we didn’t wind up returning there. Friday however, Burt spent HOURS down on EZ Street talking to us and looking at the airplanes. It was a very special event for me since it was my birthday. What a great birthday present it was to get to chat with Burt about the progress RAFE’s made

Thanks to everyone that helped make this special day, and week happen!

Ryszard Zadow

Founder and President

Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience

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