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Thank you AirshowStuff for the great video

YouTube Channel "AirshowStuff" has posted a great compilations of the RAFE Rutan Reunion Showcase of Rutan designs flying in the 2019 AirVenture airshow. This may be the first time all these different designs flew together at OSH and led to the awesome cover shot of the October Sport Aviation,. Click on the link at the bottom of this story.

Thanks so much to all the Pilots and Owners that stepped up to make it happen. Quickie was built, owned and flown by Keith Welsh, VariViggen owned and flown by Charlie Spinelli, Varieze #25 "Speedy" owned and flown by Leif Johnson, RAFE Steve Wright Varieze "Tootsie" flown by Izzy Briggs, RAFE Martin Kennedy LongEZ(with baggage pods) flown by Shane Banquer, Defiant built owned and flown by Jim Rodrian and the RAFE David Brown LongEZ,, with "smoke on!" going by the crowd , flown by RAFE founder and President Ryszard Zadow. The Announcer was Solitaire owner Harold Bickford, who was joined impromptu by Burt Rutan himself.

The voice you hear giving directions is infamous AirBoss Ralph Royce. It was a shame we held on the ground so long that Tres Clements in the Catbird got high oil temp and had to pull out. It was a great opportunity to showcase these awesome Burt Rutan designs before the crowd at OSH. Hope we get to do it again and this time with Catbird and Boomerang included. Check out for more info,

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