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  • Ryszard Zadow

RAFE EFD Canard base is moving!

Hard to believe but the RAFE Ellington Space Port Canard Base hangar has gotten full!

An opportunity has presented itself to move into a larger hangar. It's almost double the square footage, and double to cost, but without more room RAFE Houston won't be able to grow.

We're inviting everyone to come visit Sunday as we move. Come check out RAFE and you can even help if you'd like :) We're only moving across the ramp but its a big step forward for RAFE in Houston. We'll have room now to base more aircraft and projects. We'll also be able to stage the Speed Canard here to do some canard flight training.

Here's a good reason to get out and do a little flying. (Social distancing rules apply fwiw) It won't take long and after we'll pull out one of our EZ's and do some flying too!

Looking forward to seeing y'all come visit us this Sunday! (April 19)

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