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RAFE Making History at OSHKOSH 2019

After many years of effort Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience has gathered a Historic Assembly of the many unique Rutan Aircraft Designs to be in attendance for DISPLAY and SHOWCASE FLIGHTS at Oshkosh 2019.

This has never been accomplished before and RAFE made it happen!

Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience has gathered together a Historic Presentation of each of Burt Rutan’s home built designs!

Quickie, VariViggen, LongEZ, Varieze, Defiant and Solitaire.See them all fly along with the Catbird, Boomerang and Starship!

JULY 25 Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience Aircraft Display & Flights

Visit the Aircraft on display at Flight Line Boeing Square and enjoy watching the SHOWCASE FLIGHTS of these awesome Rutan designs

RAFE events schedule for Oshkosh 2019

July 22 - 2:30pm RAFE Forum at Aeroplane Workshop

July 24 - 9am RAFE on EAA Radio

July 25 - Burt Rutan Day

July 25 - RAFE Aircraft on Display at Flight Line Boeing Square

July 25 - RAFE SHOWCASE FLIGHTS - see us in Flight!

July 27 - 8:30-9:45am RAFE Future of Rutan Design Symposium at Forum Stage 5

The entire team at Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience look forward to meeting you at Oshkosh 2019!

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