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RAFE VariViggen Lady Vi Launches for OSHKOSH!

This morning two RAFE aircraft launched from Covington Municipal airport in Tennessee with KOSH loaded into their flight plans. The VariViggen, "Lady Vi" Piloted my RAFE President Ryszard Zadow and chase plane RAFE Aircraft Owner Sponsor Bob Stevens in his LongEZ. Lady Vi has undergone a fast and furious flight test program which flew it’s last hour yesterday evening. The only known flying VariViggen is also the newest VariViggen, having just been completed and awarded it’s airworthiness certificate last month. Hear the whole story of how Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience, a volunteer based 501c3 non-profit built an airplane at the RAFE Forum on Saturday July 30th, 8:30 am at the AirVenture Forum Stage 5.

See y'all at OSH!

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1 Comment

Del Schier
Del Schier
Sep 08, 2022

Great to see it flying Ryzard! Big congratulations.

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