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  • Ryszard Zadow

Rough River Flyin and Smooth Landings! RAFE has a new Sponsor!

The annual Canard Fly-in at Rough River Falls Kentucky, is ON!

Three of us sat in Covington, TN, waiting for the ceilings to lift enough to head north east. It took all day but around 3 pm we were able to depart. The flight of three was myself in the RAFE David Brown LongEZ followed by RAFE Aircraft Owner Sponsor Bob Stevens in his LongEZ, and -3 Jetguys owner, Robert Harris in his LongEZ “Purple”. We joined up over the Covington Airport and as -3 slid into in position we rolled out headed for the pilgrimage to Rough River. These are FAST airplanes! A little over an hour and 192 nm later the flight of three zoomed over the Rough River Falls State Park runway, smoke on, and pitched into the downwind. We were pleasantly surprised to see the ramp was filling up despite the weather in the south east and central US. It was great to pull into the brand new parking ramp and be greeted by friends and fellow EZ drivers!

The week prior to Rough River was spent completing the annual inspection on RAFE's main training aircraft "Herbie" the Speed Canard. This annual Herbie got new tires. Many, many thanks to Michelin for the support and helping RAFE

Ask any graduate of the RAFE Canard Flight Academy, landings are the name of the game in their training. The Gyroflug Speed Canard makes a LOT of landings. Having a high quality, dependable and long lasting tire is a big priority and Michelin has stepped up to help RAFE with their top of the line tires.

It’s not uncommon for our typical training flights to make ten landings an hour. We use a lot of rubber! Michelin tires are the gold standard for aviation tires and we are incredibly grateful for Michelin's support.

You might not be making ten landings an hour but if you want the best tire on your plane we highly recommend Michelin’s line of aviation tires. If we could only convince them to make a smaller tire to fit the Varieze! Thanks again Michelin!

The weather will be clearing up around the country tomorrow and we’re hoping to see many more of our Canard Pilot friends and their airplanes at Rough River. Stay tuned for more!

Ryszard Zadow

Founder and President

Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience.

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3 commenti

Petra S
05 ott 2020

Lmao. Glad to hear I wasn’t the only abuser 🤣... if it can take me, it can take anyone!!!

Mi piace

04 ott 2020

Good to hear new tires were installed before my instruction this past week with Ryszard. I definitely abused the landing gear and tires a bit too much as I started learning how to land a canard. Thanks Ryszard, it was a great experience!

Mi piace

Petra S
26 set 2020

Congrats! Michelin is a great addition to the team!

Mi piace
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