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  • Ryszard Zadow

Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience Forum at OSHKOSH 2018 - see you in a week!

Mark your calendar for July 26th!

Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience Forum

July 26th - Thursday

11:30 AM - 12:45 PM

Forum Stage 3

Learn about how RAFE helps keep the airplanes built by you, your family member, or your friend flying, and help promote and preserve Burt Rutan's legacy homebuilt designs.

Meet the latest Sponsors and Owners who have joined RAFE and are now flying their airplanes - like Bob Stevens. Hear Bob tell about how he got involved in RAFE, finally got to achieve his dream, and got to fly an RAFE LongEZ! Now he is an owner of his own LongEZ and an RAFE Owner Sponsor.

See the Wright Brothers Award winning LongEZ Martin Kennedy built, and learn how it became part of the Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience.

Listen to EAA Radio on Tuesday, July 24th at 9 am and hear more about the RAFE story and our accomplishments in 2018. Learn how RAFE has partnered with Formation Flight Incorporated and created the first program to qualify Rutan Pilots to fly formation in airshow airspace.

Come by the Brown Arch and meet RAFE members and the JetGuys. Find out how you can become an RAFE Pilot and fly in the FIFTY Airplane formation on the fiftieth anniversary of the EZ!

See you at Oshkosh!

Ryszard Zadow ~ Founder, Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience

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