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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

What it takes to be a Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience Aircraft and Pilot Sponsor is contained in the RAFE 6 Pilot and Sponsors Manual, and the Sponsors Guide.


What RAFE is looking for from a Sponsor or Sponsor Group is what will the Sponsors do for the organization?

Becoming an RAFE Sponsor is to become the caretaker of the aircraft builders legacy. There are great benefits, like being able to fly the aircraft and representing the builder and his aircraft at airshows and other flying events. RAFE expect certain things from Sponsors, but not really much more than what we already do with airplanes. We already fly out for a $100 hamburger. We already go to fly-ins and air shows. The difference is as an RAFE Sponsor you’re doing these things for the organization, for something larger than the individual, for a special purpose. That purpose is to support the RAFE mission and inspire people with the accomplishment of the builders dedication to succeed.

How to become a RAFE Sponsor:

The process starts by developing a plan and submitting it to RAFE. We want to know what you're going with the aircraft you seek to have assigned and how that will support the RAFE Mission. It's the very simple Who, What, When, Where, and How?

- Who are to proposed Sponsors?

- What's their flying experience and skill set they'll bring to the organization?

- When and how are they going to acquire and maintain the required training and experience

to meet RAFE standards and insurance requirements?

- When is also the time frame they wish to accomplish all this?

- Where will the aircraft be based and which events are they expecting to attend?

- How do the Sponsors plan on operating, maintaining and funding their assigned aircraft?

This "plan" becomes a "Program Letter". Assembling and submitting a Program Letter puts the Sponsors into the competition to get an aircraft assigned to them. Yes, I said “competition”. These aircraft are going to be assigned to the Sponsors that will best support the mission, be the best custodians of the aircraft, and best honor the obligations to the Donor. The Donors entrusted RAFE with their aircraft because they believe in our mission. RAFE therefore is obligated to be the best caretakers of the aircraft, memorialize the builder, and support the RAFE mission. Each Sponsor is expected to embrace these obligations to be eligible.

"Looking forward to receiving yawls’ Program Letters." Ryszard Zadow, Founder

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