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Updated: Aug 6, 2020


The COZY is a small, compact, high performance, high utility sportplane. It features side-by-side seating for an average size couple or smaller, full dual controls, an expansive instrument panel, and a large baggage bay in the rear which could double as an extra seat. While recommended mainly for day-VFR operation, competent pilots can also equip it for night and IFR flying. The recommended power plant is any model of the 0-235 Lycoming. A mechanical fuel pump is required. It has an alternator powered electrical system and can be equipped with an electric starter. The cockpit layout is designed to complement pilot and/or copilot work load, with throttle, mixture, carb heat, pitch trim, aileron trim, landing brake, landing light, nose wheel crank, cabin heat and fuel tank selector valve located in a center console for equal access to both pilot and copilot, and individual side-stick controllers on both outside armrests. Seating provides armrest, lumbar, thigh and head support for "recliner-chair" comfort not found in conventional aircraft seats. This allows long, fatigue-free flights.

The COZY uses the very latest aerodynamic technology, combining winglets, a high aspect-ratio wing with Eppler airfoils optimized for efficient cruise, and a configuration with far less wetted area than conventional airplanes. Because its power-off glide angle is only 3.7 degrees, a belly mounted landing brake is used to steepen descent to landing.

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