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Aircraft and Projects available for Sponsorship

A cornerstone of the RAFE program is connecting people with aircraft and projects. RAFE 6 Pilot and Sponsorship Manual explains the program. Here's a list of aircraft and projects available to be sponsored.

Defiant Project.

Major structure complete. On gear. Known history and excellent workmanship. Hangared at RAFE HQ, Covington, TN. Email for complete pics and project description.


86EZ is an awesome Varieze donated to RAFE last summer. The builder was an engineer who put extraordinary detail into this aircraft. You have read about 86EZ on ( ) 86EZ hasn't flown in 20 years and needs a thorough condition inspection. Hangered at RAFE HQ, Covington, TN.

Newberry Quickie

Structurally complete Q1 project with two Onan engines. This project stalled 20 years ago and has been waiting for someone to complete it since the builder donated it to RAFE last December. Hangered at RAFE HQ, Covington, TN.

Zahner Varieze 1RZ

1RZ was hanging from the ceiling in a t-hangar in Atlanta for 25 years when it was donated to RAFE. An excellent example of an early Varieze. has a C-90 that needs overhaul, airframe restoration due to early featherfill and paint issues. Hangered in Waller, TX.

All the RAFE aircraft and projects are available for sponsorship even if they are already assigned. Anyone interested in sponsoring an aircraft or project can express their interest to RAFE HQ and we'll get you in touch with the Sponsor group for that aircraft.


This very unique Velocity was once the competitor to the Predator military drone. The company that donated it to the RAFE developed this airframe into an autonomous drone as opposed to the Predator, which is flown remotely. The test pilot was Fred Wimberly, an experienced LongEZ pilot and builder. He said it flew great but was unnerving to sit there and watch it take off and land by itself! The airframe had extensive work done on it by Tom Wright. Fuel capacity is 140 gals!

This is a proven airframe with a unique history and we'd love to see it restored to flying condition through a sponsorship or sale to someone qualified to get it back in the air.


Currently Sponsored Aircraft

Jim Madsen LongEZ, 83JM. Sponsored by Jetguys., Covington, TN

David Brown LongEZ, 365DB, Sponsored by RAFE HQ, based in Houston, TX.

Martin Kennedy LongEZ, 23MT. Sponsored by the Lubbock, Texas Canard Base.

Speed Canard, Sponsored by RAFE HQ, based at RAFE HQ Canard Base Covington, TN.

CozyJet, Kerosene Dreams, Sponsored by RAFE HQ. Currently undergoing repairs at Jetguys, Covington, TN.

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