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RAFE Canard Flight Academy first 2019 Graduate!

Congratulation Greg Jones, RAFE Canard Flight Academy’s first graduate of 2019. Greg is buying a LongEZ and he came to the RAFE Canard Flight Academy to get proficient and satisfy insurance requirements.

Greg and Rick Finney spent all day last Saturday going through ground training and 3 HOURS of flight time in the Speed Canard. It was an intensive, total emersion day with a lot of flying. Greg did a great job and earned an endorsement stating he had the aeronautical knowledge and flight proficiency to fly a canard.

The RAFE Canard Flight Academy is the only place you can get legal dual instruction in a tandem seat canard pusher. Our Speed canard is Standard Category and ideally equipped for instruction. The program is specifically designed to prepare a pilot to transition to a LongEZ or Varieze. We also teach formation flying! Check out the Rutan aircraft Flying Experience Canard Flight Academy on our website.

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