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  • Ryszard Zadow

Canard Flight Academy 2021 flying season kickoff!

The weather finally allowed the RAFE Canard Flight Academy to do some flying! This past week saw TWO new Canard Pilots go through our program. New LongEZ owner Rob Suvak got his initial checkout in the Speed Canard while the Jetguys shop looked over the LongEZ he just purchased.

Jetguys will be doing a condition inspection and some mods to get Robs LongEZ set up for him Rob is six feet seven inches tall!

The Speed Canard adjustable rudder pedal system proved their worth and accommodated Rob just fine.

Later in the week Evan Winick and his wife Mariam flew in from Allentown, PA and spent four days in Covington getting Evan ready to fly the Cozy Mk 4 he’s been working on.

The one day the weather didn’t cooperate Evan and Mariam spent some time volunteering and helped work on the RAFE VariViggen.

Mariam got a chance to experience the great visibility of the Speed Canard with her first ride in a canard.

Spring is right around the corner! Want to fly a Rutan design? There is no place in the world like the RAFE Canard Flight Academy. See the RAFE Website for Canard Flight Academy courses and scheduling.

Are you an active CFI with canard experience? Come join the RAFE Canard Flight Academy team!

Ryszard Zadow

Pres. RAFE

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