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  • Ryszard Zadow

Varieze 50th Anniversary is THIS YEAR!

The Varieze wasn’t just another homebuilt design. It was a revolution in homebuilding. In essence this year’s anniversary isn’t just about the Varieze, it’s about the Composite Canard Revolution which changed homebuilt aircraft designs forever. Anything flying today that is white with a canard (or any color lol) can be attributed to Burt Rutan’s Varieze.

That is why this is such a bid deal!

When Burt visited AirVenture in 2019 Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience helped EAA by spreading the word and flying a showcase of all the Rutan homebuilt designs during the airshow. This year the Rutan Reunion Flight will fly again!

That’s our part in this celebration. You have a part also! If you have a Canard, BRING IT!

If you’re building one, FINISH IT!

RAFE’s goal is to cover Wittman Field with Canards!

Let’s make the flight line look like it did back in the 80’s with a sea of winglets as far as anyone can see! This needs to be the biggest Rutan celebration at OSH, ever!

Stand by for lots more info and see you there!


Ryszard Zadow

President, RAFE

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