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  • Ryszard Zadow

AirVenture 2023… RAFE is here!

Yesterday RAFE’s Canard Flight Academy Speed Canard arrived with RAFE Aircraft Owner Sponsor Bob Stevens flying his LongEZ on it’s wing. Typical of Oshkosh arrivals, it was a little hectic as we got to Rippon just as the field closed to accommodate the Bonanza mass arrival.

We made a lap around the Fisk Arrival when the field opened up again. Bob and I were in a good-looking tight formation when we crossed Fisk and were directed to be the first ones to land on runway 36. I glanced over at my wingman and gave him the hand signal for formation landing, and he nodded in approval. We touched down together on 36L, rolled to then end and taxied to our favorite spot, EZSTREET!

RAFE has a busy week. Here’s our schedule:

-Monday: EAA Radio, 8:45 am. Listen live here:

1730 EZ gather for dinner at the Twin Oaks food court.

-Tuesday: Early morning formation flying.

-Wednesday: RAFE Presentation 0830-0945 Forum Stage 3 (SuperFlight building)

-Friday: Future of Rutan designs symposium. This year’s topic: “Canard Values: What’s my canard worth”. Friday Jul 28, 1000-1115 Forum Stage 8 (GAMA building)

-All week we’ll be standing duty at the Speed Canard parked at the corner of Ezstreet and Brugger streets and we have t-shirts!

We’ll also be doing some dawn patrol formation flights Tuesday and Saturday so all the OSH campers can enjoy a canard flyby as they have their coffee 😊

If you’re at OSH please stop and visit! We’ll be here all week!


Ryszard Zadow

President, RAFE

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Joel O'Bryan
Joel O'Bryan
Jul 24, 2023

Ryszard, Folks at Oshkosh would love to see your Berkut.

Ryszard Zadow
Jul 24, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Joel. We thought about bringing it but felt it more important to promote the Canard Flight Academy so we brought the Speed Canard. Ill have the Berkut at Rough River.

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